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Memphis Zoo Bamboo Crew

Did you know a giant panda’s diet is almost 99% bamboo?

At the Memphis Zoo, LeLe and YaYa each eat an average of 25-40 pounds of fresh bamboo depending on the season.

Giant pandas are known to be picky eaters. Often, they change their minds about what type of bamboo species they like to snack on, which parts of the plant they will consume and from which source it was harvested. The best way to stay on top of their eating habits is to have a large assortment of bamboo to choose from.

The zoo maintains an 11-acre bamboo farm near Shelby Farms, but we still need many other sources to keep a healthy rotation going.

Pandas are not the only animals we have that depend on bamboo as part of their diets, we also have about 12 other animals that need it too, especially during the winter.

We have a team dedicated to locating and harvesting bamboo all over our area.

Meet Norah! This sweet 7-year-old and her family help supply bamboo to Memphis Zoo. Norah loves when the Bamboo Crew comes to visit.

Do you have bamboo on your property too?

If you or a relative or a friend have bamboo growing on your property, head to our website and fill out the form to register as a potential donor.

Our Bamboo Crew will contact you to set up a site visit to determine suitability for the program. If the bamboo and site meet our standards, we will cut some samples to see if YaYa and LeLe like it. If it gets the panda seal of approval, we will arrange to visit your site periodically to harvest bamboo as needed.

We have donors all over the Mid-South, but we can always use more!

To find out more about our bamboo crew and whether you can donate Click Here for more information.