Baby Yellow-Backed Duiker Born at the Memphis Zoo
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Baby Yellow-Backed Duiker Born at the Memphis Zoo

Residents at the Round Barn are leaping for joy over the birth of a yellow-backed duiker, born June 28.  

The baby boy, named "Chester," was born to parents "Ike" and "Tina." Ike, 10 years old, is on loan from the Cincinnati Zoo. Tina, a 3-year-old on loan from the Brookfield Zoo, is a first-time mother.

The family is doing well and can be seen on exhibit at the Round Barn. This is the first yellow-backed duiker birth in several years. The Memphis Zoo has housed these small antelopes since 1992.

"We're excited over Chester's arrival," Matt Thompson, Director of Animal Programs said. "Tina is a first-time mother, but she's handling it like a pro. The entire family seems to be doing well."

Yellow-backed duikers are the largest of the duiker species and the most abundant. They are, however, threatened by extinction, due to the bushmeat trade and habitat loss.

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