Baby Slender Loris Born at Memphis Zoo
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Baby Slender Loris Born at Memphis Zoo

The Memphis Zoo is excited to announce the birth of a baby slender loris. "Vyvy," a six-year old female, gave birth to the baby, whose sex is undetermined, on August 8 and is exhibiting a strong maternal bond with her offspring.  Vyvy and her baby are housed in the Animals of the Night exhibit. 

Photo courtesy AJ Saunders

The slender loris is a small, slender primate with large forward facing eyes and long, thin limbs.  The animals, which weigh less than a pound, are nocturnal and rarely leave the safety of trees. There are only seven slender loris in captivity in the United States. The Memphis Zoo houses five of them and is the only zoo in the country with breeding groups.    

“There could be no more hopeful event at Animals of the Night,” said Dr. Steve Reichling, curator.  “In and of itself, the birth doesn’t significantly change the dour outlook for captive slender loris.  By itself, the birth strengthens the place of slender loris in zoos by bringing in a new generation that will be here for many years, and hopefully with siblings soon to follow.  This is a start, full of promise that we plan to exploit, to begin building a strong zoo program for the species.” 

This week marks the  4th annual Slow Loris Outreach Week (SLOW).  The website gives information on increasing awareness of the slow loris and ways individuals can help save the loris.

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