Baby Francois Langur Born
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Baby Francois Langur Born

MEMPHIS, TENN. – The Memphis Zoo is excited to announce the birth of a baby Francois langur.   The baby, a female, was born October 27 and has been named “Raven.”  She resides with her mother, “Tanah”, her father, “JayJay” and her half-sister, “Jean Grey.”  The langurs are on exhibit, when weather allows, in the China exhibit near the Zoo’s two giant pandas.   

The Francois langur, an Asian-native monkey, was named after the French Consul in China who discovered the species. These unique animals are known for their distinct facial markings – their faces are completely black except for the two white strips of fur along both mandibles from mouth to ears. Langurs are fairly small animals. Males typically only weigh up to about 16 pounds and females weigh up to 12 pounds.  Langur babies are born with bright orange heads and their color changes to black as they mature. Langurs are folivorous, meaning they eat leaves almost exclusively. 

 “Raven” received her name in a tribute to her birthday being near Halloween and also to continue the superhero theme of the names of other langurs previously in the troop, “Vicki Vale”, “Jean Grey” and “Bruce Wayne.” 

Posted by Zoo Info at 9:00 AM