A Unique Friendship
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A Unique Friendship

The next time you visit our Animals of the Night exhibit, you’ll find a unique friendship that is sure to melt your heart.

Meet Ann and Bubbles.

Ann is a mongoose lemur and Bubbles is an owl monkey.

Mongoose lemurs are native to Madagascar and owl monkeys are native to South America.

After Ann’s mate died and Bubbles had trouble getting along with her sister, Memphis zookeepers decided to try the pair together, as primates are typically social creatures.

It took an entire year of introductions for these ladies to finally warm up to each other and now they’re almost inseparable.

“It’s not just Ann that has gotten a lot of benefit from this relationship. Bubbles was very standoffish with the keepers and wary of us. Because she’s seen Ann and the relationship that we have with her, Bubbles has become more outgoing too, so there are lasting benefits for them,” said nocturnal team lead Lauren Caskey.

When you visit, you might see these gal pals snuggled up close.

 All together now, awwww. See you at the Zoo!