A Summer Intern's Perspective
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A Summer Intern's Perspective

My name is Teirhnee Taylor and I am one of the first members in the Zoo Explorers Program. This particular program lasts six weeks, and during your internship you will learn valuable information. This program allows you to get full insight as to how the zoo and its different sections operate. Working at the zoo is not all fun and games it takes actual hard work. It also teaches you how to be responsible, how to take initiative, how to manage your time wisely and how to interact well with different types of people.

 First of all, during my internship at the zoo, I experienced a variety of jobs and people. In my first two weeks, I had the opportunity to work in the seasonal exhibits department. I had lots of fun. I had the chance to feed a giraffe, and touch a stingray. The giraffe feeding was fun, and I was very nervous to feed them because of their large size. Believe it or not, giraffes are actually gentle creatures. Then when I got to the Stingray Bay exhibit, I got to touch a stingray. They have a very slippery texture to them. I had been dreaming of touching them, but I never thought that dream would come true, but it did. The Seasonal Exhibits Department will give you quite a rush.

Secondly, my second two weeks in the Explorers Program was in the Birds Department. I wasn’t that excited to visit this section because I’m not very interested in birds, but I still made the most out of my two weeks. Even though I wasn’t that interested in birds I still learned a lot. I got to feed different kinds of birds and see very rare ones. Even though you are working in the birds department expect to do lots of cleaning. I had to do lots of washing dishes, mopping floors, and sweeping floors. Even though my job wasn’t glamorous I still had fun. I even got to work with the penguins, and got a little behind the scenes tour of that establishment.

Third, my last two weeks of this program I am stationed at the Marketing & Communications Department. This department seems very interesting & I am eager to learn more about their operation and how it works. I have always been interested in art, so this should be a fun & new experience for me. I am sure that I will have lots of fun in this department. All of my co-workers seem very dedicated to their jobs and they want to see this company succeed. I am hoping to make the most out of my last two weeks here, and I also expect to learn new things and meet new people.

Finally, I think that I have grown as a person by being in this program. It has taught me so much since I’ve been here. It has taught me that I shouldn’t be afraid to experience new things. I have also been taught how to listen and take in other people’s opinions. I have been given lots of responsibilities, so I think that this program has made me into a much more responsible person. The habits that I have learned in this program will stay with me throughout my lifetime and it will help me go further in life. I am so lucky to have gotten such an opportunity, and I hope to return next year.  

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