A Safe Haven for Rescued Bald Eagles
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A Safe Haven for Rescued Bald Eagles

The Memphis Zoo has rehabbed eagles since at least 1984 under the USFWS and TWRA Rehabilitation permits. Over the years at the Memphis Zoo, we have taken in over 50 Bald Eagles as well as other birds of prey. The Memphis Zoo plays a vital role in the rehabilitation and release of these rescued birds.

      On December 30, 2021, a male bald eagle arrived at the Memphis Zoo animal hospital and diagnosed as being hit by a car. The eagle was rescued by TWRA officers in Dyer County and brought to the zoo for rehabilitation.

      When he first arrived, the male eagle could not stand on his own due to a leg injury. He was also very thin, and it was apparent that his injury was inhibiting his ability to hunt. He has been at the Memphis Zoo for over 2 months healing from his injuries under the care of our excellent veterinary staff. We are very proud of his successful journey as he has healed and is hunting and eating the way he should be. Once he was deemed releasable by Dr. Knightly, our senior veterinarian, TWRA was notified and they coordinated a release date. The male eagle was released near where he was initially found. This is important to ensure the bird is familiar with his territory. When released from his kennel, the male eagle hopped around for a minute before taking off. Since he was in a confined area during his rehabilitation, it took time for him to stretch his wings and be ready to soar. However, shortly before our team left, he was flying high into trees and displayed signs of a full recovery.


  The Memphis Zoo is honored to be a safe haven for rescued eagles to come to when they need to be healed and play a part in their recovery. We believe that these wild creatures belong in the wild where they can fly and roam free. This male eagle has been given a second chance at life and will hopefully mate and raise eagles for future generations to come.

Posted by Jessica Faulk at 8:00 AM