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3 Ways the Memphis Zoo Contributes to Conservation

You may love the Memphis Zoo for all of our wonderful animals, fun attractions and beautiful exhibits, but have you heard about our conservation efforts? The Memphis Zoo works diligently to protect potentially endangered species and endangered species around the world, within the U.S. and right here in our own backyard. Here are three ways we’re working to make a difference in the zoological community. Studying the giant panda Forty years ago, giant pandas, both captive and... Read More
Posted by Zoo Info at Sunday, April 8, 2018

See It to Believe It! Another Baby Langur Born at Memphis Zoo

MEMPHIS, TENN. –  Visitors to Memphis Zoo might notice a stately young lady in the Francois langur exhibit in CHINA. “Reagan,” the fourth Francois langur born at Memphis Zoo in four years, joins the Zoo family. Reagan is the daughter of “Jean Grey” and “Jay Jay,” and was born on President’s Day, hence the moniker. All three family members are currently on exhibit, along with “Tanah,” “Raven,” sister... Read More
Posted by Zoo Info at Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Love is in the Memphis Zoo Air

With all the babies the Memphis Zoo welcomed in 2017, it’s very clear that we have some lovey dovey couples here on exhibit. In honor of Valentine’s Day, let us introduce a few of our dynamic duos. Binti <3 Uzazi Binti, a female, and Uzazi, a male, gave us the most popular baby animal at the Memphis Zoo on March 23, 2017. Can you guess who it is? If you guessed Winnie the hippo, you are correct! The proud parents came to the Memphis Zoo from Disney’s Animal Kingdom,... Read More
Posted by Laura Doty at Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Baby Nyala Born at the Memphis Zoo

MEMPHIS, TENN. –     Memphis Zoo is pleased to announce the birth of a female nyala. She is the latest baby born at Memphis Zoo this year. To date, more than 330 babies have been born here since January 1. She weighed about 11 pounds at birth. The calf, named “Maggie,” is the first nyala calf to be born in the new Zambezi River Hippo Camp exhibit since it opened in April 2016. Mother and baby are doing well, and can be seen on exhibit in Zambezi River... Read More
Posted by Laura Doty at Friday, December 1, 2017

How the Animals Reacted: First-Ever Animal Pumpkin Mash Day at the Memphis Zoo

MEMPHIS, TENN. –      Today, Memphis Zoo hosted the first-ever animal Pumpkin Mash Day at Memphis Zoo. More than 15 different species had unique enrichment opportunities featuring pumpkins. There were observation stations spread throughout the Zoo, allowing visitors to observe the behavior of the animals during enrichment time.   One observation station was in front of the Red River Hog yards. Zookeepers placed two carved pumpkins in the left yard, that... Read More
Posted by Laura Doty at Saturday, November 4, 2017