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Memphis Zoo Responds to Misinformation About Pandas

The Memphis Zoo would like to address the misinformation that has be distributed recently regarding the health and well-being of our Giant Pandas, Le Le and Ya Ya. These pandas have called the Memphis Zoo home since 2003. Our pandas have been the inspiration for multiple research studies regarding nutrition, reproduction, and forestry habitat restoration all of which have all contributed to the massive success of having the Giant Panda removed from the endangered species list. We are partnered... Read More
Posted by Jessica Faulk at Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Checking In With Our Giant Pandas!

The Memphis Zoo has been home to Ya Ya and Le Le for almost 20 years. When they arrived in 2003, Le Le was 5 years old and Ya Ya was 3 years old. They both have very unique personalities that have developed over the years! Both of our pandas, as well as all the other animals under our care, are under constant supervision of our veterinary staff, expert animal care team, and research team. In regards to the growing concern for Ya Ya’s appearance, Director of Animal Programs, Courtney... Read More
Posted by Jessica Faulk at Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Saving A Species: Giant Panda

    Since Le Le and Ya Ya arrived in 2003 , Memphis Zoo has played a role in a consorted worldwide effort to research and conserve giant pandas in the wild and captivity. Samples containing our Le Le’s genetics have been collected every few years during the breeding season and stored frozen in liquid nitrogen at -196° Celsius for over 10 years in some cases. Our Frozen Zoo bank currently holds Le Le samples from 2007 through 2019. Collection efforts from Le Le are... Read More
at Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Memphis Zoo Bamboo Crew

Did you know a giant panda’s diet is almost 99% bamboo? At the Memphis Zoo, LeLe and YaYa each eat an average of 25-40 pounds of fresh bamboo depending on the season. Giant pandas are known to be picky eaters. Often, they change their minds about what type of bamboo species they like to snack on, which parts of the plant they will consume and from which source it was harvested. The best way to stay on top of their eating habits is to have a large assortment of bamboo to choose from.... Read More
at Monday, September 21, 2020

3 Ways the Memphis Zoo Contributes to Conservation

You may love the Memphis Zoo for all of our wonderful animals, fun attractions and beautiful exhibits, but have you heard about our conservation efforts? The Memphis Zoo works diligently to protect potentially endangered species and endangered species around the world, within the U.S. and right here in our own backyard. Here are three ways we’re working to make a difference in the zoological community. Studying the giant panda Forty years ago, giant pandas, both captive and... Read More
Posted by Zoo Info at Sunday, April 8, 2018