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Memphis Zoo Adds Two Red Pandas to CHINA Exhibit

Memphis Zoo is excited to announce the addition of red pandas to the CHINA exhibit. These red pandas are a different subspecies than the pair exhibited in Cat Country and are known to be bigger and more vibrant in color. The two brothers, Xing and Itsuki, were born at the Assiniboine Park Zoo in Canada in 2014.  Memphis Zoo visitors can see the twosome in a large yard next to the Francois Langurs.  Currently the pair is most active and visible in the morning. Red pandas, once... Read More
at Monday, January 13, 2020

What's New At The Zoo

2020 is here and there are a lot of exciting things in store for Memphis Zoo guests. We sat down with Memphis Zoo’s Chief Executive Officer Jim Dean and Chief Zoological Officer Matt Thompson to find out more. Next time you visit you may notice more interactive animal experiences. Animal interpreters will be offering face to face moments between guests and animals. “We want guests to understand how we are working every day to save some of the rarest species and how they can help... Read More
at Tuesday, January 7, 2020

2019: A Year in Review for Memphis Zoo

When looking back at 2019, Chief Zoological Officer Matt Thompson beams like a proud papa. In September, Memphis Zoo welcomed two Jaguar cubs. A moment that allowed the big cat keepers to shine. “The keepers have done a fantastic job socializing them and preparing them for their physical exams, as well as preparing them to be outside for the public to see.  It has all gone extremely well,” said Thompson. Another shining moment for the zoo in 2019, the rehabilitation of... Read More
at Monday, December 9, 2019

A Look Inside with the Memphis Zoo's Top Veterinarian

Discover what goes on behind the scenes at the Memphis Zoo hospital. Join News Channel 5 Memphis as they follow the Zoo's top veterinarian, Dr. Felicia Knightly as she goes through her normal day at the Zoo. Learn how Dr. Knightly and her team work to make sure the Zoo's animals are out living their best lives. Dr. Knightly works to see that every animal at the Zoo gets the treatment it deserves and will even make time for follow-ups to ensure that every animal seen will transition... Read More
at Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Metro by T-Mobile is Offering Free Admission for Children to Memphis Zoo

MEMPHIS, TENN - Metro by T-Mobile is a proud sponsor of the Memphis Zoo and wants to share their appreciation for the city of Memphis by offering free children’s admission on Saturday, November 30th. Tickets are available, while supplies last, at participating Metro by T-Mobile locations.  Below is the list of participating Metro by T-Mobile stores offering the free tickets. No purchase necessary.  WIRELESS LEADERS TN LLC 1411 Goodman... Read More
at Wednesday, November 6, 2019