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Memphis Zoo Working to Save Louisiana Pine Snakes from Extinction

A program started in 1984 is answering the question all zoologists ask, “Can we save a species from extinction?” Memphis Zoo scientists now know the answer. Yes, we can. When Louisiana pine snakes became critically endangered in the wild, our zoologists recognized a conservation program was needed and started the breeding program we have now. By 2010, Memphis Zoo had bred enough of these snakes to release some back into the wild. Since then, our team has released over 120... Read More
at Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Behind the Scenes at Memphis Zoo's Animal Hospital

Very few people get the chance to go behind the scenes at Memphis Zoo and see the thousands of gears that keep it ticking year-round. Fewer people ever step inside one of the Zoo’s most essential components: Its own onsite veterinary hospital. Staffed with senior veterinarian, Dr. Felicia Knightly and three technicians, the hospital is responsible for keeping the Zoo’s most precious assets—our animals—healthy and strong. Inside the hospital there is an X-Ray room,... Read More
at Monday, April 29, 2019

Keeper Feature: Melissa Peterson

Melissa Peterson Elephant Keeper How old are you?  28 Where are you from? Memphis, born and raised. Where were you before coming to Memphis Zoo? I interned at Riddles Elephant Sanctuary & Wildlife in Arkansas, Black Beauty Ranch in Texas and Tennessee Safari Park in Jackson. When did you first know that you wanted to work with animals? I’ve always been drawn to animals and always admired them and respected them, but it wasn’t until I was in... Read More
at Friday, April 26, 2019

Ali's Journey: Memphis Zoo's Baby Giraffe Is Back on Her Hooves

MEMPHIS, TENN - On Tuesday, April 9, Memphis Zoo excitedly welcomed new baby giraffe Ali to the herd -- just days after Wendy gave birth to a male calf named Kiburi. Delivery went well, and Ali was up and nursing from mom Angela Kate within an hour of birth.  On Wednesday afternoon we performed the neonatal exam, during which we weighed Ali (109 lbs), determined her sex (girl!) and took a blood sample to ensure she had nursed and was healthy. She checked out great... Read More
Posted by Courtney Janney at Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Kroger Partners with Memphis Zoo on New Endangered Species Reusable Bags

MEMPHIS, TENN - Kroger Delta Division and Memphis Zoo have joined together to offer new resuable bags sold exclusively in more than 40 participating Mid-South area Kroger Stores. The bags come in three designs, each featuring an endangered species at Memphis Zoo: Polar bear Peyton, hippo Winnie and panda YaYa. As part of Kroger's Zero Hunger Zero Waste Initiative, the reusable bags will help support the company's Zero Waste program while commemorating the hometown... Read More
at Thursday, April 18, 2019