Bat-earred Fox Kit Naming Contest
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Bat-eared Fox Kit Naming Contest

Collage of fox kits
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Keeper Notes

Female #1

She is the largest and the lightest. She looks a lot like her mom but definitely doesn't share the same sweet personality as Helen. She is very suspicious and is always the last to approach us. She hangs back and watches her siblings try something before she will join in. I sometimes call her Miss Independent.

Female #2

She is the smallest and the darkest. She had some medical issues when she was younger, but that doesn't slow her down. She is the bravest and most boisterous kit, always the first to come up or even jump in our lap. She is definitely a daddy's girl and follows Raj wherever he goes. She always arrives first for treats and fights her siblings off so that she can hog all the food. She is a keeper favorite for sure.


He is the typical middle child, easy-going, and the peace-keeper. He falls right in the middle of his two sisters in size and color. Normally, he is the second kit to approach us or join a game with his siblings. He is the smartest of the three, eager to learn and the first of the kits to be target trained.

Flora, Fauna, and Fern

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Dill, Basil, and Saffron

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Myrtle, Mildred, and Milton

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