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Adult Education


NEW! Adult Ed-ventures!

Calling all kids-at-heart!

Have you ever been just a little jealous that the kiddos get to have all the fun at the Zoo?  Well, MemZooEDU is all-new, and now, made for you!  We now offer special programs and Ed-ventures just for adults!  Join us on an Owl Prowl for an evening of education and adventure.  You'll meet animals up close, go on a guided moonlight safari (weather permitting), and participate in fun activities related to your program.  Designed for groups of 10 or more, these programs take place from 7 pm til 10 pm and are available year-round.

Conservation in Action

Conservation heroes from the Memphis Zoo are working endlessly to save endangered and threatened species.  Researchers, conservationists, educators, animal staff and more all work together to make measurable differences for wildlife and wild places.  You can take action as well!  You’ll learn practical conservation actions you can take to make a difference, but also get some hands-on training in citizen science: one of the most direct links individuals can have to the science of research and conservation.

An Enriching Experience

What keeps our animals mentally and physically engaged and entertained?  How do we provide an outlet for animals with lots of energy, or ensure they are getting enough physical and mental exercise?  What about your pets at home?  What keeps them busy while you’re away?  Together, we’ll discover how we use enrichment to provide these benefits to our animals here, and maybe send you home with some new ideas for your animal companions. During your evening, you will meet animal ambassadors in up-close encounters, see the Zoo in a new way through special tours, and learn about how we create engaging experiences for everything from fish to mammals, birds, and even reptiles.


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