Adopt an Animal

What Is Adopt-An-Animal?

By adopting an animal at the Memphis Zoo, you help pay for the care and feeding of that animal for a year. With more than 4,500 hungry mouths to feed, the Zoo needs all the help it can get!


Things to Know

All adoptions are valid for one full year. Animals are living creatures. Unfortunately, they may become ill or die, or they may be transferred to another zoo. If your adopted animal leaves our Zoo, your adoption will be transferred to another animal. All adopted animals remain in the care of the Memphis Zoo and no ownership rights are conferred by this "adoption."

Adoption Levels

Adopt any animal at one of the following levels and receive:

Friend $25

Personalized adoption certificate Keeper notes with picture of your animal Adopt-An-Animal window decal

Keeper $50

All of the above benefits, plus: Plush toy of your adopted animal (if available) If not available, will be substituted with a panda, a copy of the Zoo's bi-monthly magazine, Exzooberance

Protector $100

All of the above benefits, plus: 2 one-day tickets to the Zoo* "Meet the Keeper" session at the Zoo

Guardian $300

All of the above benefits, plus: 2 additional one-day tickets to the Zoo* 8x10 color photo of your animal


For information about adopting at the Ambassador level ($5,000), please call us at 901.333.6553.

*Tickets are valid for a single day's admission to the Zoo only and do not include parking.