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Elephant Celebration

09/15/2018, 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Elephant Yard and Classroom 4 map


Saturday, September 15, 2018
10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Free with General Admission

 Memphis Zoo will host a Welcome Party for Daisy and Bambi.  Festivities will include free face painting for kids in addition to treats and activities for both guests and elephants.  The Memphis Zoo’s annual elephant conservation fundraiser, Art for Elephants, will be featured the same day. There will be a silent auction offering a diverse selection of art, including elephant footprints and paintings created by Memphis Zoo’s own elephant herd.  All the proceeds from the Art for Elephants fundraiser will be donated to the charity, Elephants for Africa, to help support the preservation of this incredible species.

The Memphis Zoo is home to five female African elephants, "Tyranza," "Gina," "Asali," "Daisy" and "Bambi." Ty is our oldest elephant, and has two tusks. Asali, whose name means "honey" in Swahili, has a pink birthmark on one of her legs. Gina has one tusk. Bambi, pronounced "Bomb-bee," never grew tusks. Daisy has two steel-capped tusks. 

Ty will turn 54 in July 2018. She is the oldest African Elephant in North America. 

The Memphis Zoo has been supporting the charity Elephants for Africa (EfA) since 2011. Through the approval of four different CAN Grants, we have been able to supply EfA with many different resources to aid in their efforts of monitoring the elephant population in Botswana, as well as helping mitigate human-elephant conflict. We have supplied them with GPS units, iPod touches for data entry, funds to pay for chili peppers to help prevent elephants from crop raiding local villages, as well as several trail cameras to help monitor elephant movement within the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park. Through the approval of these CAN Grants, we are also getting ready to send our fourth elephant keeper from the Memphis Zoo to Botswana to assist EfA with their efforts in the field. 

We have been hosting Art for Elephants annually since 2012. Through the sale of our Art for Elephants T-Shirts, and the proceeds from our silent auction, we have raised almost $25,000 for EfA. 

We recently made a commitment to EfA to help financially support an elephant corridor project they are currently working on. EfA is working with local agencies in Botswana to help lay out elephant corridors (or elephant highways if you will) as a means to help mitigate human-elephant conflict. The Memphis Zoo has also agreed to be EfA's partner AZA institution on an AZA grant they have applied for to help fund this project as well. They will find out in September if that grant was approved or not. 

Both the Elephant Welcome Party and Art for Elephants are free, included with General Admission.

Support Memphis Zoo's partnership with Elephants for Africa. With your $25 donation, you'll receive an Art for Elephants T-shirt. Click here to donate now. Remember to include your T-shirt size in the comment section. 

We also have a special elephant adopt to celebrate our new girl's arrival. A portion of each adopt will go to supporting our Elephants for Africa partnership. Click the adopt image below for more information. 

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