Cat Country



<span>Cats became the first animals at the Memphis Zoo to be freed&nbsp;from life behind bars. Their exhibit helped to shape the way the Zoo built exhibitry for all its animals throughout the next decade.<br /> <br /> Commercial Appeal Cat Country (namesake is Memphis' only daily newspaper) is a three-acre, open-air exhibit devoted to both predators and prey of the cat world. Tigers and lions share common space with the fennec foxes and meerkats.<br /> <br /> Throughout the exhibit visitors are greeted by cultural architecture native to the land of the species on exhibit (for example,&nbsp;temple ruins surround the Sumatran tiger exhibit).<br /> <br /> The exhibit's climax features a&nbsp;lush, green&nbsp;yard for two African lions. Don't worry - a large,&nbsp;watery moat keeps these jungle kings in their home.</span>