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This week-long educational program will provide exciting and interactive ways for students to learn about science.  Each class includes animal visits, tours of exhibits, chats with keepers, and more.  Students bring a non-refrigerated, non-microwavable lunch.  

Monday - Friday
January 11-15
10 A.M. to 2 P.M.
K – 8th grade: $120/members; $135/nonmembers
9th -12th grade: $135/members; $150/nonmembers             

Kindergarten-2nd Grade (5 years old by 9/1/15)
Habitat: What’s That?Every animal needs a place to call home from water to land.  Find out how and why animals make their humble homes in different habitats.  

3rd-5th Grade
For Better or Worse: Symbiosis Not all animals get by all alone.  Discover which animals form a close partnership with others and which animals come together to form an animal "odd couple.”  

6th – 8th Grade
DNA and Cellular Devices Facetime with your inherited traits and join the cellular network of organelles.  Students will download the apps of the micro world and discover more about plants and animals cells.  

9th – 12th Grade
Biology: Heredity and Biodiversity This unit will focus on the topics of heredity and biodiversity.    

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Homeschool Day 2015

This two hour program takes our popular zoo classes and adds a homeschool twist.  Meet live animals, participate in hands-on activities and get a guided tour of exhibits.

Thursday, November 19

1 to 3 p.m.
1- 12th grade: Squid, Aquatic Inverts, and Pigeon Dissections*
$20/members; $23/nonmembers
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