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Homeschool Academy Fall 2015

This week-long educational program will provide exciting and interactive ways for students to learn about science.  Each class includes animal visits, tours of exhibits, chats with keepers, special projects, and more. Students bring a non-refrigerated, non-microwavable lunch. Click here to register. 

September 21-25

Monday - Friday
10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
K – 2nd grade: Energetic Eaters $120/members; $135/nonmembers
3-5th grade:
Science of Saving Animals $120/members; $135/nonmembers
6-8th grade: Biomes $120/members; $135/nonmembers
Registration deadline: September 18

K – 2 Grade: Energetic Eaters  
Feed your curiosity and learn what animals eat.  In this class, your child will chow down with herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores to uncover the links between animals in the intricate web of life. The children might even prepare a couple of meals for our animals at the Memphis Zoo.  

3–5 Grade:  Science of Saving Species
Going, Going, Saved!  Investigate why species become endangered and which animals have already been saved from extinction.   In this class, students will learn the issues impacting critically endangered species and what efforts scientists, zoos, and everyday people are taking to support conservation. 

6–8 Grade:
Biomes & Ecosystems
Climb the layers of the rainforest, swim the depths of the ocean, and hide in the tall grasses of the savanna.   In this class, students will race around the world discovering the different biomes and exploring the adaptations needed to survive Earth’s varied environments. 

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Homeschool Day 2015

This two hour program takes our popular zoo classes and adds a homeschool twist.  Meet live animals, participate in hands-on activities and get a guided tour of exhibits.

Wednesday, October 21

1 to 3 p.m.
K – 8th grade: Endangered Species 
$15/members; $18/nonmembers
Click here to register. 

Thursday, November 19

1 to 3 p.m.
1- 12th grade: Squid, Aquatic Inverts, and Pigeon Dissections*
$20/members; $23/nonmembers
Registration coming soon. 

REGISTER ONLINE   or call 901.333.6576.

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